Critical Reviews of John Eric Vining’s short story, “The Hayfork Incident”

“The Hayfork Incident” is contained in John Eric Vining’s anthology, Tales of the Midwest: Growing Up and Growing Old in Rural Small-town, U.S.A. (Trafford Publishing, 2015).


Review For The Hayfork Incident

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You really paint a vivid picture here, and I wasn’t able to look away. In fact, this story made me recall some long-ago memories from my own time on the farm and in the hay loft. Of course you were right in not knowing what a hay fork was, as I was picturing a regular pitch fork at first.’

But, your vivid description changed that. In telling the story like you did you put the reader in front of the barn, and showed instead of told. Fine job, Mr. Vining. 

The Reverend Dr. Gonzo



Review For The Hayfork Incident

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I was drawn to this as I, too was raised on a farm and have bucked a lot of hay! In the first paragraph, I think the colon should have been placed differently as the quote refereed to should follow directly after. This incident is well told and made me laugh for sure!