Critical Reviews of John Eric Vining’s short story, The Superstar

 The Superstar is contained in John Eric Vining’s anthology, Tales of the Midwest: Growing Up and Growing Old in Rural Small-town, U.S.A. (Trafford Publishing, 2015).


Review For The Superstar

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Is this a true story? It feels as though it is. You’ve done fantastic job of creating this story even if it is fiction. You’ve clearly defined the characters involved. I was happy to see at the end that he chose to accept the college education and used his talents in his game as well as his brain. I was riveted. Well done.

– MD (a.k.a.: possummagic)

(Quote: “The Superstar has just received a six star review!”)


Review For The Superstar

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John, any one of us who has had the test of time to be with a team sport and have a coach make such an impact [in] life is truly a God thing! I had such an experience in high school with a coach who gave me chance….he became a generational mentor and I am eternally grateful. Great story! Good luck!