A Must Read!

Peace in the Valley: A Quest for Redemption in the Old West

5 out of 5 stars

By Amazon Customer on October 1, 2017  


               “Peace in the Valley” is a beautifully written historical fiction novel that incorporates all the aspects that make it so compelling: it has a touching love story, vivid battle scenes, memorable characters and of course personal dilemmas they have to resolve.

               The story starts with the Civil War, when a wounded Rebel officer Mark falls in love with a Yankee nurse Ruth who happens to be a Quaker. Thinking that his soul is beyond redemption, he gradually gives in to Ruth’s pacifistic views and hopes to find peace at last after the war is over, together with his new beloved and her peaceful and loving community. However, the real world can be far too cruel and even after the war is over, the conflicts and injustices continue to take place, but this time the target is not the rebellious South but the Indians, and both Ruth and Mark find themselves once again in the thick of it…

               I absolutely loved Mark’s character development, from the bloodthirsty soldier to a peaceful and God-loving family man to a man who has to pick up his guns – even though against his will – to fight for justice for the people who otherwise would face complete annihilation. Mark’s relationship with the Sioux and even a former foe who later becomes his best friend are so well developed that I couldn’t help but applaud the author for creating such a wonderful character arc.

               Detailed descriptions of the places where major historical events took place, authentic language and dialogue, and of course multiple, highly important messages that are dotted throughout the narration make this story a must read for all the fans of the historical fiction genre. Five huge stars!